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595 LT Coupon, Treadmill Sale, ProForm 595 LT Discounts

595 LT

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Description: ProForm 595 LT Treadmill

ProForm have been the leaders in fitness equipment manufacture for many years. The ProForm 595 LT represents the kind of excellent quality of the treadmills they offer today. The 595 LT offers a speed and incline of up to 10% and 10 mph. With a 10% incline, you can experience an uphill walking warm up or a steady climb while running that does great wonders on your glutes all with a convenient touch of a button from the console. A 10 mph is more than enough speed needed for runners or joggers. Both controls are easily adjusted on the fly. This treadmill offers 8 personal workouts and a weight loss center. Each 8 workouts are designed by a personal trainer and allow you to attain incredible results in an entertaining and motivational way. The weight loss center considers your weight, workout time and calorie burn goal that you input to create a good workout program for you.

The most popular feature of the ProForm 595 LT Treadmill is its Universal Dock for iPod with Speakers. It allows you to plug in any mp3 device or an iPod into the port so you can play your favorite music, motivational audio or favorite audio book through the inbuilt premium speakers while you are sweating out those unwanted fat. The Grafixx display allows you to clearly see your calories burned, distance or elapsed time, at nearly 1" tall. The display visually displays your heart beat or keeps you entertained with an animated figure walking, jogging or running through your workout with you. It also displays all calendar and statistical information provided by the iFit Fitness Journal.

The deck of the ProForm 595 LT Treadmill is cushioned and it is shown to absorb about 15% of the impact of your running exercise as compared to street running. This makes this treadmill even more appropriate for those who need less shock and impact like older runners, the overweight, those who run long distances, beginners and more. Each person can truly benefit from less stress on the legs, feet and lower back. These great features of the ProForm 595 LT treadmill are meant to please any fitness buff who wants to workout at home.

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