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980 CS Coupon, Treadmill Sale, ProForm Treadmill Discounts

980 CS

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Description: ProForm 980 CS Treadmill

The ProForm 980 CS Treadmill has iFit Technology added to its long list of great features. With this feature you can lose weight, feel great and improve performance in just 8 weeks. Each workout card is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and plugs directly into the treadmill's console, which then automatically adjusts treadmill speed and incline and the interactive voice of a personal trainer guides through each workout. iFit Workout Cards are for Weight Loss, Wellness, Circuit Training and Performance categories that are advanced very convenient and addresses your specific fitness requirements.

iFit also has iFit Fitness Journal which is a calendar-based feature that stores and tracks the progress of 2 individual users and capable of archiving up to 10 years of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly workout totals. The ProForm 980 CS Treadmill has 24 built divided into 3 categories: 8 Competition Workouts to give you more motivation, excitement and determination, 8 Performance Workouts (designed by Certified Personal Trainers) to help you run faster, jump higher and get stronger and 8 Weight-Loss Workouts for much faster results.

The ProForm 980 CS Treadmill has a unique Workout Intensity Meter where a ilght-line glows from blue to red when it measures your workout intensity, alerting you when you need to exercise a little harder or a little softer to meet your goals.

ProForm 980 CS Treadmill Features:
  • ProStride Adjustable Cushioning
  • Space Saver Folding Treadmill
  • Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • iFit Fitness Journal
  • CoolAire Workout Fan
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod
  • 24 Built in Workout Programs
  • iFit Workout Card Technology
  • Workout Intensity Meter

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