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Description: ProForm 570 CrossWalk Treadmill

The CrossWalk Upper-Body Arms is the highlight feature of the ProForm 570 CrossWalk treadmill. This feature improves workout results by allowing you to burn about 50% more calories in the same amount of time you workout with other treadmills. This is ideal for cardio, weight loss and upper-body workouts. The elliptical's ClearView Backlit Display makes it easy to read your workout performance or observe your heart rate because of its wide viewing angle.

The Mach Z 2.8 HP Drive Motor of the ProForm 570 CrossWalk treadmill is not only silent and powerful but is built with a mechanism that cools its inner parts which greatly helps lengthen the motor's life. The ProSoft Plus Cushioning of this elliptical is an excellent aid in preserving the health of your body by minimizing the impact and shock of your workouts.

The ProForm 570 CrossWalk treadmill has a lot of convenient features such as the QuickSelect Workouts where you can adjust or select workouts with the touch of a button, a Workout Intensity Control where you can add difficulty to your workout or ease it easily with easy button controls and a CoolAire Workout Fan to cool you off during and after your grueling routines.

ProForm 570 CrossWalk Treadmill Features:
  • CrossWalk Upper-Body Arms
  • ClearView Backlit Display
  • Mach Z 2.8 HP Drive Motor
  • ProSoft Plus Cushioning
  • QuickSelect Workouts
  • Workout Intensity Control
  • CoolAire Workout Fan
  • Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • SpaceSaver Design

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